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    Phone (814) 234-7044
    Fax (814) 237-6549
    Address 60 Decibel Road
    Suite 108
    State College, PA 16801
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    Coil Specialty Company's wide variety of custom-made products includes miniature chokes and inductors to 5 KVA transformers. Coil Specialty's winding operation includes the following types: solenoid, balun, multielement, multiple, layer, foil, Pi, flat, pitch, spring, bonded, and formed. These diverse winding capabilities are used in RF, IF, power, pulse, audio, current, degauss, impedance matching, and sensing applications. Coil Specialty can wind with wire gauges from #1 to #52, including square wire, copper tubing, copper foil, and many other types of specialty wires.

    Most of CSC's winding machines have mount and surface mount options are available. Coil Specialty's Engineering Department can convert each customer's current through hole mount design to a surface mount alternative.

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